Thinking of Hosting a Crafting Party? Here Are 7 Things Every Craft Party Host Should Consider

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1. Invite friends who like to craft! 4-6 people is a good number in terms of space for crafting, but ultimately, it’s up to you how many people to invite. You may want to have a crafting theme such as weaving or beadwork, or crafting for a particular holiday or in the style of a cultural tradition. Or everyone can just BYOC (bring your own craft.)

2. Encourage guests to wear comfy clothing for getting to work on some creative ideas (or just lounging and hanging out.)

3. Prepare a large clean table for laying out projects, you make want to put down a protective cloth or paper to protect it from ink, paint or other marks. A painter’s drop cloth is an inexpensive and reusable way to protect surfaces. Avoid using a nice tablecloth as it may get accidentally snipped by scissors, etc. 

4. Provide wine, tea or other beverage options. Offer easy snacks like cheese and crackers, veggies and dips, dates, nuts and especially chocolate! Or whatever you and your crew desire to fuel the creativity.

5. Have handy basic tools such as: scissors, thread, needles, embroidery floss, tape, glue, pencils, pens, paper.

6. Play soft rhythmic music to keep the flow state flowing, not too loud and distracting but not too quiet and sleepy.

7. If choosing a craft theme, you may want to design your music and snacks around the theme- another opportunity to get creative as the host! For example, if you are block-printing fabric you may want to honor the Indian roots of this ancient craft tradition. Serve chai and samosas, play some Indian bhangra, and stamp to your heart’s content.

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