How To Make Geometric Stamps For Block Printing, FREE Template Included

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Geometric shapes are very popular in block printed projects such as the bandanas or napkins found in our Block Printed Craft Kits. The clean, minimalistic lines can be used in numerous, creative ways to achieve different looks. Arrange shapes in a full, all-over pattern, repeat the same shape in rows for a repeating pattern, overlap shapes in different colors, creating a geometric landscape. The possibilities are unlimited!

Here's how to get started:

  • Download the FREE template here. Print the pdf. You can adjust the scale of the printing to create smaller or larger shapes.
  • Carefully cut out the shapes and place them on your rubber block. Arrange the shapes so you are utilizing as much of the block as possible.
  • Use a pencil to trace around the shape on the rubber block.

Tracing the template on the rubber block

  • Use the #2 carving blade in the linocutter tool set to create a grooved line along the pencil line. This groove will guide the cutting blade in the next step to help create a clean cut to shape the finished stamp.

Detail of linocutter

  • Change the linocutter to the cutting blade and using the groove as a guide begin to slowly cut through the rubber block. It may take more than one pass to cut all the way through the block.

Grooving the line around the pattern

Cutting the rubber block into shapes


  • You now have a smooth, geometric shape cut from the rubber block that can be used in block printing.

Process, Making Black Geo Napkins

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