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This basket design was inspired by the aftermath of the Almeda Fire in Southern Oregon. I wanted to create a design that, at least to me, symbolizes rising up from the ashes. The ivory motifs represent triangles or arrows pointing upward and onward, the light colored rim sparkles with metallic gold to convey that brighter times are coming. 

Use this free pattern and enjoy this making this design or your version of it. It is recommended that you start with the basic Coiled Basketry Project Kit to learn the basics of this craft. Please be honest- use this pattern and/or the finished craft for your personal crafting pleasure only. 

The Rise Up Coiled Basket craft kit and free tutorial

STEP 1- Gather your ideas and materials 

  • For this project you will use black and ivory yarn, a sturdy cotton rope, and a tapestry needle.  

The Rise Up Coiled Basket craft kit and free tutorial

STEP 2- Begin coiling

  • Take the end of the entire piece of rope and the end of a piece of yarn about the length of both arms outstretched or approximately 4-5 feet long. Overlap both ends by about an inch and a half and then wrap the yarn around the rope all the way to the end.
  • Now fold the wrapped end of the rope in half and use the yarn to tightly and securely wrap the end of the rope to itself to form a small ring or doughnut shape.
  • Thread the other end of the yarn through your tapestry needle. Turn the yarn wrapped doughnut so that the unwrapped tail of the rope begins to coiled around the doughnut counterclockwise.  
  • Take the yarn and wrap it neatly about 3-4 times around the rope and then use the needle to pull the yarn through the center of the doughnut. The needle will move in through the top of the doughnut and out underneath.
  • Give a gentle tug to secure this stitch then use the needle to come back up to the top to the left of the stitch you just made.
  • Again, neatly wrap the yarn 3-4 times around the rope. Again, push the needle down through the center of the doughnut, to the back, then back up to the leff of that stitch.

Step 3- Weave the basket

  • Continue coiling around until you complete the first circle around the doughnut.
  • Going around the next time you will thread the needle around the previous coil instead of the central hole inside the doughnut. 
  • Continue the process of wrapping the yarn 4-5 times around the rope, then stitching securely to the previous coil. Spiral around and around to continue to make the basket.

The Rise Up Coiled Basket craft kit and free tutorial

Step 4- Changing colors or adding a new piece of yarn

  • Of course you will run out of yarn and will need to add more to keep going. Simply lay the new tail on top of the old tail, approximately an inch long. You will use the new yarn to wrap over the top of the old tail and proceed as before. This way, the old tail will be completely invisible and covered by the wrapping process.

Step 5- Creating the Design

  • At approximately the fourth coil, change to the ivory yarn, wrapping the rope 7 times. Stitch to the previous coil on the 1st, 4th, and 7th wrap to create 3 evenly spaced ivory stitches over the black yarn of the last coil. Change back to the black yarn.
  • Continue another third around the coil and again change to the ivory yarn, wrapping the rope 7 times and stitching to the previous coil on the 1st, 4th, and 7th wrap to create 3 evenly spaced ivory stitches.
  • At two-thirds around the coil you will repeat this process, creating three evenly spaced small, ivory sections on the coil.
  • As you coil around again and reach the ivory section you made before, change to the ivory yarn and wrap 3 times around the rope, centering these 3 wraps over the ivory wraps you created on the last coil. Stitch down on the second wrap, so the ivory yarn is now hidden within the ivory figure you are creating. Repeat this on the next two ivory sections.
  • As you coil around again, you will now center 2 wraps on top of the 3 you created in the last coil. These wraps are the point of the triangle. Again, hide your stitch within the ivory yarn of the previous coil.
  • After completing 3 triangles, begin to create 3 more, interspersed between the ones you just made, using the same techniques.
  • You may continue this pattern for as long as you like, creating a small or large bowl.

The Rise Up Coiled Basket craft kit and free tutorial

Step 6- Finishing the basket

  • For the final coil, change to ivory yarn and metallic thread. Cut an equal length of each and wrap as before, spacing stitches evenly to the previous coil.
  • Finish the basket by first cutting the rope with about 1 inch left at the end. Cut the rope so the very end of it is at an angle sloping down toward the rim of the basket.
  • Now stitch the end down to the last coil, just as you have done before, but this time stitching several times to tightly secure the end of the rope.
  • To hide and secure the end of the yarn, use the needle to pull the yarn through 1-2 inches in the adjacent coil. The end of the yarn will thus be hidden. Snip off the excess yarn.

The Rise Up Coiled Basket craft kit and free tutorial


 Created by Folkways Culture Kits owner, Jennifer Haynes-Clark

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