Q: What is the age range for the craft kits?

A: Folkways Craft Kits are really designed with adults in mind. Many of the kits have small pieces and intricate craft projects that are better suited for those over the age of 10. 


 Q: Some items are described as "fair trade." What does that mean?

A: The term Fair Trade refers to a set of standards that are implemented when producing and distributing a product. Fair trade practices are based on the values of economic dignity, sustainable development, safe and healthy work environments, education and training for the economically and socially marginalized, and ecologically sound practices. According to fair trade principles, artisans are paid fairly for their work in order to support a livelihood that adequately sustains the needs of their families and allows the possibility for positive growth in the future.

For a product to be fair trade certified, that item must be recognized as meeting fair trade standards by organizations such as Fairtrade International. For a whole company or organization to be considered fair trade compliant that must be evaluated by an organization such as the Fair Trade Federation or the World Fair Trade Organization.

Folkways Craft Kits is committed to fair trade standards and we have carefully curated the items included in our kits based on these principles. We are very proud that our partners are deeply committed to the needs of local communities, women’s education and health, support of indigenous traditions and practices, and ecologically-conscious production methods.


 Q: Is Folkways Craft Kits an eco-friendly company?

A: Folkways Craft Kits is primarily an e-commerce-based company that ships items worldwide. We are aware that shipping has a significant environmental impact. It is our goal to mitigate for this as much as possible and one way we do this is by ensuring that our packaging materials are nearly 100% post-consumer.